Mushi's Song A Day

Kids React: Walkmans

"I’m thinking about how many tapes you would need!"

Title: Mein Teil (Pet Shop Boys Remix) Artist: Rammstein

I go through these stages where I think Rammstein is the perfect camp industrial rock band, and other stages where I feel slightly put off. This video combines both feelings!

I’m gonna tell you though, I didn’t realize how fitting a PSB remix of Rammstein could be - until I realized that it existed, and thought, “oh yeah that makes PERFECT SENSE.”


Title: Q.U.E.E.N
Artist: Janelle Monáe & Erykah Badu

I posted this song a while ago, but I never posted the video, which is awesome like all videos involving Janelle Monáe or Erykah Badu are.